LITEON DG-16D2S Jungle Flasher Not reqognizing drive after dvdkey32..... PLEASE HELP(FLASHING)SCARED!


Jun 30, 2014
Ok i dont know my exact model number for my drive but i am trying to flash it and it reqognized before and it ccompleted dvdkey32 and i have set source to target and i made the keys (2) MATCH.And then i go to mtk flash32 and i relooad and it doesnt see it.And i go to any other tabs it doesnt see it.And btw i am using version 0.1.91 AND the tray is plugged sata to computer motherboard port.And when i finsihed with all the steps where it isnt reqognzed and i plug it back into the xbox 360 and put in game and it just stops spinning after awhile.


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Jan 16, 2011
And please post jf log aswell.what are u using to connect pc to drive??
the sata port on his mobo,which may be the issue here.are you making sure to use the lowest number sata port?