JungleFlasher 0.1.94b Problems


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Mar 16, 2011
Cincinnati Ohio
I'm having a issues with jungleflasher freezing at "Writing bank 0". I don't know if its something I'm missing, been about 2 years since I worked on an xbox 360. Used to do 10 of these a days without a single issues and decided to get my stuff back out when I was donated 4 xbox 360s. I don't know if something changed since I've been gone that I'm missing. All drives are "PLDS -DG-16D2S -0251". I dumped the dummy.bin, lite-on erase , then write and it freezes every time. I've tried multiple different power cables, usb cables, sata cables, ect wit no luck. Here is the log...


JungleFlasher 0.1.94 Beta (320)

Session Started Thu Jun 25 18:04:17 2020

This is a Wow 64 process running on 4 x 64 bit CPUs

X360USB PRO detected, Version 0.18

Found 1 I/O Ports.

Found 0 Com Ports.

Found 3 windows drives C: D: E:

Found 2 CD/DVD drives D: E:

Loading firmware file C:\Users\jligg\Desktop\Lite_CFW.bin

MD5 hash:  a455d792d05881349e5cb834c62348fe

Drive key @ n/a B8C9DD851557359CFAD54275F6BFA113

Firmware Osig: [PLDS    DG-16D2S        0251]

Firmware is:  LT-Plus 3.0                     

Sending Lite-On-Erase request to port 0x0000


Drive returned Status 0x80


Serial flash found with Status 0x72

Manufacturer ID: 0xEF

Device ID: 0x11

Flash Name:  Winbond/NEX(W25P20/NX25P20)

Flash Size:  262144 bytes

Getting Status from port 0x0000

SPi flash found with Status 0x72

Sending Chip Erase to Port 0x0000

Erasing:Writing target buffer to flash

Writing Bank 0: .
Just realized I wasn't using the latest jungleflasher and updated to JungleFlasher v0.1.96 Beta (323). Also updated my x360 usb pro to firmware 0.20.1 and still have the same issue..
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