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May 3, 2010
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Im Flashing a BenQ drive so i been seeing a lot of clips and reading and all of them say click on benq un lock 1st well i did not do that i just Read saved my BENQ-OFW and loaded source i hit yes i looked and my DVD Key all look good so then i Erase Verified ok! and Write Verified OK! But when i put back on xbox and test Orig Game and Back up it would just say play DVD and it want to open and close all the time (Note)Driver was working good be for i Flashed it

using the following

-Comp on XP

-VIA VT6421A



i do have it i have done the unlock and all was good so i put back on the xbox and still get play DVD ??
yes i Got a Good Key i hope its right this is what i got

DVD Key @ E040


i just got done swapping a good working benq drive i put my flashed bored on a working drive and still i get the Play dvd ?? so it something with the flashing that is not right also the drive im flashing is form a Jtaged xbox so im going to see if the dvd key is the same on on my flashed board with FlashTool 360?


anyways i have looked at my DVD key on my jtaged xbox with flash tool and the dvd keys are not the same that is very off because this drive was working right with my xbox well im going to flash with the new DVD key the my xbox give me

some help would help !!!

Help Me !! :(


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Apr 4, 2010
first of all wrong section. second of all, READ the instructions before flashing! On the benq you don't erase, after you get it into vendor mode, press READ then WRITE! there is no erase in benq flashing process.
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Nov 7, 2009
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Your using a ck3 probe v2 for flashing a benq???

Try the "Im not a noob but with a lot of hard work, maybe I'll become a noob one day " thread.

The probe is for getting the key from liteon drives. Maybe this is where your going wrong.
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