Lego Harry Potter and Lego Marvel Superheroes 2 codes


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Jul 13, 2019
United states
I made these and dont know if anyone was looking for them or not.

Lego Harry Potter
TID 010052A00B5D2000
BID 01c46c3e39c5370f

[Years 1 through 4 too many studs]
581f0000 33eb5508
781f1000 000008f0
641f1000 00000000 3b9ac9ff
641f0000 00000000 3b9ac9ff

[Years 5 through 7 too many studs]
581F0000 468127A8
781F1000 000005CC
641F1000 00000000 07270E00
641F0000 00000000 07270E00

Note: These can only be used in Diagon Alley in their respective games. Essentially it just gives you more than enough studs to buy everything. Just enable it and buy something to save. Then disable it.

Lego Marvel Superheroes 2
Title ID 0100d3a00409e000
Build ID 20cd49f2ba64744d

Note: Only use in Chronopolis. Turn on buy something to save it. Then turn off.

[Too many studs]
581F0000 9F087A70
781F1000 00000070
641F1000 00000000 0BEBC200
641F0000 00000000 0BEBC200

For this code just hold L and A in any level and it should also give you true superhero.

[Hold L and A 550,000,000 level stud]
581F0000 9F087A88
781F1000 00000070
641F1000 00000000 20C85580

Let me know if they dont work for whatever reason. I tried them and they worked fine for me.