RGH Lifted R3B15 pad, now RGH doesn't turn on, only makes power "ding"


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Oct 7, 2015
Raleigh, North Carolina
I successfully RGH'd my Xbox about a month ago, and last night when I brought it to a friends, I booted it on and got the retail dash (expected Aurora), and I couldn't access any of the games from my hard drive. So I booted into Xell Reloaded and was presented with a "Segmented Fault" red screen, which didn't have much information on it other than some pointers. I decided it was just a soldering issue, so I go back to re-solder everything, and I'm still getting the retail dash, so I start from square on, unsolder everything, read my NAND, etc. etc. When I was putting my Coolrunner back on (after I had successfully programmed it), I accidentally lifted the R3B15 pad (which wasn't surprising considering how much I've messed with it).

I looked on YouTube and Google for some alternative points for the CLOCK_STBY point but none of them worked for me, what's the next step to repairing this? I'm going to get a trace repair pen from RadioShack tomorrow unless directed otherwise. I don't feel the need to provide any images, but if needed be, I'd be more than happy to gather some for you.
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