LiteOn 74850c flashing problem! need help!


Junior Member
Sep 3, 2010
hey guys, so i recently got my ck3 lite, and my ck3 probe v1. I plugged everything in (power, serial, drive connector) and took off the back plate and probed the R707 point, i then pressed DVDKEY32 and it began to dump. It dumped 6 times and asked me to save, so i saved it. Then i went ahead and loaded up the Dummy.bin but it said i was missing serial data. I had no idea what that is so if someone can fill me in that would be great! since i didnt know what it was i canceled out of it and it asked me to auto load the firmware, i clicked yes and it autoloaded my ix 1.1lt. so i then went to erase. It started erasing and i forgot to shut it off and turn it back on so it didnt work, so i redid it and it came up saying "drive is in vendor mode!" and it gave me the 0x72 status. So i went ahead and clicked write firmware. It wrote the 3 banks and verified it and then it said write successful. So i sent an reset to it and turned it off and plugged it into my xbox. My xbox turned on but the little green light on the middle of the xbox kept blinking green rapidly, my drive also wouldnt eject.

Please i could really use some help, im stuck right now and any kind of help is greatly appreciated!