Liteon DG-16D2S 74850C - Step-By-Step Guide (With CK3 Probe 3)


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Dec 6, 2011
ok so i used mpx01 and got a dummy.bin file i thought ive seen some ppl get other .bin files along with the dummy.bin, is the dummy.bin file the whole thing or what? also is it possible to transfer the key from my old liteon to a new liteon. ive looked at a lot of tutorials but cant figure it out.


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Dec 24, 2011
I have a phat liteon 74850c. I didn't flash it by myself so I only know that the curret firmware is the latest lt+ released in this date: 24/02/2011. My dashboard is 2.0.12625.0. I've never connected to live.

After trying to flash It following this tutorial in the point I open jungleflasher in DvdKey 32 > Drive properties > Dvd Key
it says something like "not found" . So I guess that I have no key, I've been looking for tutorials about flashing without keys and that kind of things but didn't find nothing useful. I'm right? Any clue? Thanks.

Should I complain to the shop where they flashed my xbox before?


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Dec 24, 2011
look at 0251c Mate cause when you on that dash it updates it to a 0251c so check out that tut.
I'm not sure if i have to follow that tutorial because I have dashboard 2.0.12625.0 that, if I'm right, is prior to 2.0.13146.0, the one that must be used to follow the guide 0251c. I'm not sure, but I think so.


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Dec 23, 2011
Hi All, this is my first post to this forum(or any for that matter). I'm relatively new to flashing consoles, but I have done many benQs in the past with full success.
I was recently given an xbox 360 with a liteon DG-16D2S drive (firmware version 74850C) to attempt to repair. It had the "open tray error" (the one where the laser gets pushed too far back to work). I found a simple fix for it; I super glued a small piece of a washer( about 1mm thick) to the back stop of the dvd drive to prevent it from falling off again. I haven't long-term tested yet, but it seems to be holding up well so far.
Here's a pic: View attachment 5822.

At this point it is a working stock liteon DG-16D2S; I decided to go ahead and flash it even though I read about many horror stories with these drives prior to attempting it. Also, I decided to go as cheap as possible as i am unemployed right now, and I made my own probe and connectivity kit.
View attachment 5823; View attachment 5824
I just googled it really and found the best way for me to it as I am unskilled in soldering.
I had a bit of difficulty getting the probe to work to extract the keys, but eventually I got it to work.

Here's where it went downhill; got the keys (in jungleflasher 1.88 using "phat key" command), auto-load or whatnot failed. It's ok though, I got the Dummy.bin! I manually spoofed the keys to firmware in JF and like the noob that I am, I spoofed to the wrong firmware and flashed in JF. The write went well completed "write verified ok!" But when it was time to device outro; the dvd drive crashed(because of the bad firmware I believe). After this it could not be detected by JF even after trying various attempts to device intro/outro and cycling the power(in the proper order of course.) Put it in xbox and get E64 error and flashing green led.

At this point the drive is basically partially bricked, so I went to work on making a bootable usb for dos mode so I could repair/flash this testy drive.

I went back to JF to fix my noobish mistake on the firmware. I respoofed (the correct firmware) and saved the file (you can name it whatever you'd like just remember where it is and what you call it because these files will save your drive! Make copies just in case!). Put a copy of that onto the root of the bootable usb.
I then booted into dos and followed a couple more tuts I found from another google search to repair/flash the liteon with good firmware. (Its a pretty simple 10 or so step process) Did this sucessfully and like magic my drive works again with hacked firmware!

I hope this can help someone, as it was my first liteon to flash and I had this much of and issue, I would suggest to all who attempt the same to use JF only to get your Dummy.bin file and spoof it to the proper firmware for your drive. Stop there and then flash in dos mode, worked for me.
Now all I need is LT+ 3.0 and all will be great!

As I used many differnt sources to find my solution I can't properly cite all the correct people, so a big thanks to all those with Team Xecuter, the Jungleflasher team, Xbox experts, and all whom I may have missed.
I hope this helps, Happy Holidays Everyone!


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May 30, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
i like the backstop idea... You should have been able to outro then lite-on erase again and proceed as normal. the only time i had to use dosflash was when i was using my onboard intel sata chipset that would freeze JF . Now with usbpro no problems flawless and very quick everytime!
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Lem Skywalker

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Nov 10, 2009
Burnaby, BC
I had tons of problems with a v1 cable, now that my probe 3 conversion cable arrived with the magic switch, it works like a charm, took me 2 mins this time... your guides are immaculate and you guys totally rock. thanks a lot

also the 360 hdd hacker tool works like a charm as well with the new windows gui i replaced my ole 20gb with my dying laptops WD 250gb and presto - all my games are installed now... anyways all the info was taken from this board so another big thanks for that.
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Nov 22, 2010
I had the extra functions enabled and did not realize the AUTO feature is also enabled so I was power cycling the drive when the drive was already power cycled. I have to look over the JF tutorial again I don't remember seeing anything about AUTO power cycling when erasing?