Liteon DG-16D4S 0225 (Slim) Unlocked PCB / Pro Kit - Step-By-Step Guide

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This guide is the property of Ubergeek on behalf of Team Xecuter. You have permission to duplicate this guide as long as full credits are given - don't be lame and claim it to be your own.


With X360USB PRO you don't need CK3 Pro drivers, you don't have to use any COM ports (if you don't want the "no Com Ports" message showing up when you boot Jungle Flasher then simply save and run this reg file) and you don't have to have any PortIO stuff installed so no F8 or Driver signing disabled or any of that crap any more (simply tick the USB Only button and all the PortIO stuff gets disabled / ignored) - just ignore all that as it's the old way of doing things - X360USB PRO takes care of ALL of it.

The following tutorial will take you through the simple process of reading a Liteon DG-16D4S DVD Drive (Firmware version 0225) and then installing the Xecuter DG-16D4S Unlocked PCB to that drive and writing new firmware using Jungle Flasher and an X360USB PRO adapter.


  • Xecuter X360USB Pro
  • DVD Drive Power source (the tutorial uses an Xecuter CK3 Pro - but of course you can use a CK3 Lite also)
  • Xecuter DG-16D4S Unlocked PCB (you can also use the PCB that had the Pro Kit installed too)
  • Sata Cable (Supplied with X360USB Pro)
  • USB Cable (Supplied with X360USB Pro)
  • Latest version of Jungle Flasher (Must be v0.1.85 beta and above - Not released just yet)
  • Latest version of X360USB PRO firmware (must be at least v18)
  • X360USB PRO Windows Drivers
  • Windows XP / Vista / 7 - 32bit or 64bit
  • MAC OSX (Using Parallels, Bootcamp or VMWare)

X360USB PRO AUX Power Cable

The X360USB PRO comes with an AUX Power cable (black cable with DC jack on one end and USB on the other). This is NOT to be used unless it is required. Your X360USB PRO will function with no problems on 99% of USB ports as they have a 500ma output. A tiny amount of USB ports only carry 100ma. The AUX Power is supplied as a worst case scenario for those instances (you would plug it into a USB capable power supply unit such as the iPod's power brick). DO NOT use the AUX Power cable if your computer supports 500ma as you may cause damage to your X360USB PRO. The best way to test is it just set everything up to see if drivers install, jungle flasher detects the drive etc.

Up to the date of this post there are three versions of the Liteon DG-16D4S, the 9504, the 0225 and the 0401. This guide covers the 0225. The stock 0225 PCB cannot be written to without some hardware hacks. This guide covers the Xecuter DG-16D4S Unlocked PCB which is a custom made replacement PCB that is a simply and easy swap with no soldering.

To find out which version of Liteon drive you have simply look at the label and you will see "FW Ver.: XXXX"

Here is an example of the Liteon DG-16D4S DVD label. As you can see we have highlighted the F/W version - in this case it is the 0225.

Before you connect everything you first need to install the X360USB Pro Drivers. These are signed and work in Windows XP / Vista / 7 both 32bit and 64bit. Download the small driverpack and plug in the X360USB PRO USB Cable. When it asks for the drivers simple point to the files you saved and they will install with ease. You are now ready to hook everything else up.

It's very easy to hook up your Liteon DG-16D4S to your PC. Simply connect the DVD power supply (in this case the Xecuter CK3 Pro) to the DVD drive (take care to make sure it is fitted the correct way - the wrong way can damage your drive) and to a molex power cable from your PC or from an external Molex power supply. Then connect the SATA cable from the DVD drive to the X360USB Pro, and then connect the USB cable from the X360USB Pro to a USB port on your Netbook/Notebook/Laptop/Desktop computer.

Remember that you need to be running at least v18 of the X360USB PRO firmware, and that needs to be flashed with at least v0.12 of the X360USB PRO Update Tool. If you don't the latest JF will not work with Slims.

OK we are ready to begin:

1. Load up Jungle Flasher and...

(1) Select the DVDKey 32 Tab
(2) Make sure the I/O Port is set to 0x000
(3) The X360USB PRO should be detected as Primary Master and the Firmware version will be displayed (in this case it is Ver 0.18)
(4) The Liteon DG-16D4S should be detected and ready to work with :)
(5) Make sure Dummy.bin is ticked
(6) Click on the SlimKey button

2. You will be asked if you want to send the unlock command to the drive. Click No.

3. Now click Yes and then power cycle the drive (Turn the CK3 Pro power off then on)

4. The drive will now kick into vendor mode (0x72)

5. Jungle Flasher will now perform a number of tricks to get the all important drive key.

6. You will be asked to save the Dummy file which contains the important data from your drive such as your drive key. DO NOT LOSE THIS FILE !

7. The following part of the guide is solely to show 3rd party tools working with the X360USB PRO. You must own any game that you backup and we do not condone any kind of piracy and this is purely for educational purposes only. We do not provide any of the LT Plus firmware files and they are not provided or included with Jungle Flasher so do not ask for them. Once the drives firmware has been read Jungle Flasher will ask you if you want to auto-load the Lite-On iXtreme firmware. Click Yes.

8. Everything is now loaded into Jungle Flasher and you are ready to go. lets explain whats happening on the screen at the moment.

(1) The source buffer is loaded with the Dummy.bin from your Liteon DG-16D4S drive. It shows here that it is an 0225 SlimKey extraction.
(2) This is your DVD key - always keep this safe !
(3) This is the iXtreme LT+ firmware auto loaded into the target buffer. This example shows the LT+ v1.9 0225 Firmware which is for the new 2.0.13146.0 dashboard update.

9. At this point you will unplug your DVD drive and now connect the Xecuter DG-16D4S Unlocked PCB (or your custom made PCB with the Pro Kit installed). You don't have to rig it up to your DVD drive chassis just yet - you can simply connect the PCB to the X360USB PRO and the CK3 Pro. Make sure that the power cable is the correct way around from the CK3 Pro and that the WP switch is set to "WP=1". Now you are ready to program the PCB.

(1) Select the MTK Flash 32 tab
(2) Click the I/O refresh button and make sure that the drive properties show that its a PLDS DG-16D4S
(3) Set the drive type to Phat (this is not a mistake)
(4) The PCB will detect as a Liteon Slim
(5) Click the Intro/Device ID button

10. You may need to power cycle if the drive doesn't kick into vendor mode on its first attempt. Most of the time it will kick straight in though.

(1) You are now in Vendor Mode
(2) The drive properties should be on display - everything is looking great !
(3) You will see a new button that says 0x00. This is the SPI Lock Status. 0x00 means it is unlocked and write protection is disabled.


NOTE: If you have previously flashed and locked the PCB your SPI Lock Status will be 0x8C - if this is the case - Select switch on PCB to WP#1 and press the 0x8C button to unlock! this will change SPI Lock Status to 0x00 ready for writing



If the TX Unlocked PCB doesn't detect at all and you can't get into vendor mode with the above method simply click Liteon-Erase and power cycle - you should then get into vendor mode (0x72) with no problems.

11. Now click on Write. As you can see the write / verify commands are sent very quickly with the X360USB PRO.

12. Now click on the SPI Lock Status button

13. The SPI Lock Status will now change to 0x8C. This means that the Write Protect is now enabled. Move the switch on the PCB to "WP=0"

14. You are now all done :)

(1) You can now click the Outro / ATA Reset button to take the drive out of vendor mode (With the 0225's you should hit this button a few times - this solves the "Open Tray Error")
(2) The drive properties show show that it is a PLDS DG-16D4S 0225 :)

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