[USA] Looking for a Pro to help repair a lifted R4B25 pad


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Oct 8, 2010
Indiana, USA
Hey, I'm in the USA, Indiana. I've done about 5 RGHs successfully. I had a friend that tried to do his instead of asking me to do it and he lifted the R4B24 pad and now his xbox won't power on or let you read the nand. I dont really want to attempt to repair it and was wondering if a pro in the USA would like to make some money and help him out. He said that he was able to read the original nand and create and write the ecc to the nand. But once he tried to install the Coolrunner he xbox refused to boot. Ive tried to write the original nand image back but nandpro gives me a nandx not connect error. Now he just wants to get the xbox back up in running with the stock nand. He emailed me nand and the ecc file he used. PM me if you want more details and want to make some money on the side with the repair.



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Nov 30, 2011