LT Clip 2.1 - Switch Settings


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Dec 6, 2002
After receiving user feedback we added an extra resistor setting to the Probe II, LT Switch & LT Clip.

It has a switch bank now, for 15/18/20/22 ohms as per my suggestion.

I had a nightmare one day trying to find a resistor that worked and 15 fixed it :)

This gives you all options.

The new products are now called Probe 2.1, LT Switch 1.6 and LT Clip 2.1

The extra settings is 15Ω- so you now have 4 options and the switch settings are as follows:

Ω   1   2   3   4 
15Ω On  Off Off Off 
18Ω Off On  Off Off
20Ω Off Off On  Off
22Ω Off Off Off On