Lt Clip & Lt Switch v2 not working on 93450c


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Jun 22, 2011
I just got my Lt Clip and Lt Switch v2 in today. Those are the only parts that I have that involve modding a 360. I have it hooked up right the cuts are correct, but no madder what I do I can not get JungleFlash to find the drive.

Does the switch on the clip have to be set to test or normal? I had it set to normal, but now I have set to test.

Does the whole disk drive have to be set up and wired?

Dies the bottom on the clip have to be pressed down in order for the switch to work?

Can I use only the mobo to power the disk drive because that is all I have?

I only have 2 things that are using sata atm. That is my hard drive and the 360. My other 2 disk drives are disconnected.

My OS Specs are:
Windows 7 Ultimate x64
i3 540 @ 3.067GHz
8GB of PC3 - 10600

I got the package in at 10am, it is now 5:30pm and I have non stop been trying to do this but I can't figure it out.

I have almost broken a few things because I got so mad.

I used the digital signer thingy to sign the Portio64 and 32 system files and restarted the computer.

Maybe I have the wrong version of JungleFlasher. I had to download the Portio64.sys files separately.

Nothing will work, can someone please help me out? I am very stressed right now. I have never modded a 360 before but I have done the "Twilight Hack" on the Wii. I am really good with computers and expert I guess you could say. I can program, take a whole computer apart and put it back together, but you think I could do this? NO!!!!!

Please help me! I have never been so desperate in my life!