lt swtich v1.1 problems (no lights and no 0x72 status)


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Jan 30, 2007
hi there i prob installed the old lt switch on my liteon 83850V2 about a year ago this xmas. back then it had the green and red lights working and i flashed it with the latest lite-on firmware back then. im trying to update to the new firmware for my drive but have lost my key as old pc blew up so i lost everything. tryin to follow jungleflasher tutorial and tried all hacks. the lights no longer turn red or green on my lt switch and i cant get it into 0x72 vender status mode anymore. all i get is 50, 51 or 52. the ck3 is working and displaying a blue light and i have a via 6421 sata card. im just wondering if my swithc has gone just coz status mode doesnt change when i switch from normal to r/w mode and no lights appear anymore. drive works fine and reads copied games but i wish to update to latest firmware so i can make backups of my latest games and not be banned on xbox live. can anyone help me? i have not read any other posts with this problem. if my switch has gone sud i get the new 1.5 switch and just change it over? thanks.