LITEON 9504 LTU 2 fcrt.bin


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Oct 19, 2012
I have a dual nand xbox 360 slim with a liteon 16d4s drive which i installed the ltu 2 pcb last night. Its booting games/backups fine on both sides of the nand. However when i grabbed my nand from xell I only got the dvdkey and it said it couldn't find the fcrt.bin when extracting files in jrunner. Is this because it's reading the rgh nand. Does it matter that i didn't load the fcrt.bin. I read the 9504 doesn't have a fcrt.bin but wanted to confirm.

Thanks for your replies

PS im proficient with flashing and have done many phats this was my first slim. I bought the ltu 2 board since i already had rgh and it was the easiest to order.

Thanks Xecuter for continuing to make great products!