GENERAL LTU2PCB on 0500 Noise/Play Issues


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Dec 15, 2011
I found that this sound is normal, i don't have the problem with the bad reading or mixed disc, it do a weird sound/movement before it begin to read a disc and is because its checking the limit of the rail, its exactly like phat liteon work. The original pcb board don't do that noise. The LTU2 PCB work perfect with that weird sound(i tested 9 boards, its the same with all of then).

You can clearly hear it when you power up the Console.
Hi. My makes that noise too but not reading disc. Laser is moving but the disc spins only a little and that is all. But when I close empty tray, it spins normally and says no disc :/


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I did one yesterday. Flashed the PCB fine but it would not read the disc, the laser was lit all the time but really dim. I used a 10x eye loupe and noticed a tiny bit of solder between 2 legs on the chip, Scraped it off and worked fine. Just makes a terrible noise when you power up the console or close the drive with no disc in.