MAX-CHEATS Announces 'Giveaway Contest' for Switch Game Cheats!


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Submit Your Game Cheat Codes For The Nintendo Switch Console, And WIN Prizes!

Our sister site: MAX-CHEATS has announced they have started a Monthly Giveaway Contest for those that submit brand-new Game Cheat Codes that work on Nintendo Switch along with Xecuter SX OS, so boot-up your modded Switch, and start hunting for some 'codes' and 'WIN Prizes'.

Each Month, we here at Max-Cheats giveaway prizes for the Best Cheats shared! Currently, we are offering THREE Prizes each month for your Best Nintendo Switch Game Cheats!

  1. TOP Grand Prize - SX PRO dongle plus extra SX OS license!
  2. Runner-Up Prize - SX PRO dongle package
  3. 3rd Place Prize - Single SX OS license key

Winners will be picked at the end of each calendar month and their names added below. Entries used to pick the THREE winners will be based on the following factors:

  1. Overall Rating of the Game Cheat itself.
  2. Total amount of comments since it was submitted.
  3. Total unique views and downloads the Cheat itself has.
  4. The rarity or complex nature of the all the codes listed.

By posting and sharing your cheats, you not only support this site, you could WIN!
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