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This page is for guides and tutorials only
If you need to ask a question ask in that particular guide or start a new thread.

Any guides you feel need to be posted reply to this thread and i will add/update it.

Liteon guides.
Updating the Liteon 83850C posted by mjcrooksey
Liteon 83850c Guide hosted here on site
Frozen liteon solution
Unkown flash chip error fix

Hitachi guides.
Flashing all hitachi's full guide

Benq guides.
Benq flashing guide

Samsung guides.
Sammy flash & update guide.

Spoofing guides.
Spoof your 360 drive (swapping a 360 drive)

Iprep guides.
iprep no valid firmware error fix

Creating iprep usb drive (video)

Jungleflasher guides.
jungleflasher guide ALL drives
jungleflasher trouble shooting

Other guides.
Laser replacement TUT
Pot tweak TUT by moda
Power sources on your 360 motherboard
Xbox 360 error codes and secondry error codes

2nd link for pot tweak..posted by MjCrooksey
POT tweak mod by moda link 2
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Sep 5, 2009
I am really impressed by your work and I must say thanks to you.
your guides and tutorials provide me a great help and really compliment your work.
Anyways Its nice stuff and keep working.


Full Member
Sep 15, 2009
With the Sammy drive I'm hitting a wall. When I do the intro device to go into vendor mode, I turn on and off the drive like it asks but it says intro failed. jungle flasher says it stopped responding. any ideas?


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Apr 25, 2005
Please help. This is my 1st xbox 360 Mod.
I just just installed the New Xecuter Blaster CK3 on my Xbox 360 Elite with the DVD Lite-on DG-16D2S version 74850C. I am searching all over the internet but could not find any tutorials about this new CK3.
How do I flash the drive with the Probe on this new CK3? or what do I need to do? Thank you


Senior Member
Dec 6, 2009
Alot to take in for the first time.
But hell of alot easier with these guides and tutorials thanks very much.
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