GENERAL Mod options for a Corona V6 with a DG-16D5S


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Feb 9, 2014
Goal: 1) Internal ODE with a removable hard drive and an integrated WiFi Web-UI; 2) RGH Dual NAND console with a flashed DVD drive.

As you know, TX is developing an ODE, and some of the images that I've seen thus far have been very impressive. Unfortunately, it's still a ways off, and not much information regarding the user interface has been made public. Forget the other guy's ODE! To achieve the same functionality of my "pie in the sky" yet to be released TX ODE, I'd need an RGH'd, Dual NAND'd console with a flashed drive. However, I have one of the latest Xbox 360 E Corona V6 models with a DVD drive that won't flash and a motherboard that isn't supported by DemoN. What are my options--see details below?
MFR Date: 2013-08-01
DASH: 16203
DVD: Philips Lite On DG-16D5S DVD ROM -13B, FW Ver 1532, HW Ver B0A0, MS P/N X851278-012
CPU: XCGPU D-A02, X818337-003, V9A27AY8N7 D CANADA
MEMORY: 512 MB DDDR3 (4- 1Gb 32Mx32), SAMSUNG 325, K4J10324KG-HC14, GCE027JGC
FLASH MEMORY: 4GB SKhynix, H26M31002GPR, e-NAND 317A, M12W1280Q2
SOUTH BRIDGE: KSB, X850744-004, GHK2221.1, 1323 COP



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Dec 14, 2012
You have a couple of options, you can RGH it, and convert it to a 16MB console, this requires a nand swap and to move some resistors.(requires equipment that most do not have, skill level hard/pro), you could RGH and leave it RGH. or you could use RGH for key recovery, and install a LTU2 board(which has been discontinued, and is hard to find.) At this point if all you want is the CFW I would get on the request for service or item and see if anyone has one they can install for u, as this will be cheaper then doing it your self. even the RGH would be cheaper to get someone else to do, if all u have is 1 box u want done.
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Nov 1, 2011
Netherlands, 1336
Or you could sell this one as it is and buy another slim to perform all this. Or look in the trader section. For example I have a few xboxes that I sell. Perfect for you, I have a slim (trinity) of which the drive has been flashed already with 3.0 and is rgh'd. All you would have to do is install the demon. As well other members closer to you will sell these...


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Feb 9, 2014
Well, alrighty then! Actually, this all looks pretty easy. The slim proto v2 looks like the best option. I ordered the following Xecuter parts and will give it a go myself.

Corona Postfix Adapter TX

Corona v2 4GB NAND RW Kit
X360USB Pro v1 And CK3 Mini Bundle
Lite-On DG-16D5S Unlocked PCB LTU2 TX
Slim Proto v2 TX

If I fail, I'll just buy another Xbox 360 E and try again!