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Jun 22, 2011
Just recently bought myself the xfrag and have the keyboard set up and able to bind keys with no problem. However out of 4 mice tried none of them work properly. On 3/4 I can get it to work but can only look up and down not left-right. 1 of which came in the same package with the working keyboard. Anyone had this issue? Is it fixable or do I need to buy yet another mouse.

Also you guys should give a list of confirmed working mouses, as 0/4(I know its such a small sample) isnt my idea of compatible with "most" mice.

"sigh" Bought another mouse out of impulse and this one can look down the sights/shoot but cant look around. So 1 no-name brand 2 dynex 1 logitech and 1 saitek all not working.
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try here
or read the posts in the topic your posting in as you will be amassed with a wealth of information,
just consider yourself lucky that ubergeek or any other like minded admin hasnt found the dark parts of this website
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Apr 6, 2009
In my house (Somerset) UK
I have tried many diffrent mice but keep coming back to the cheap roller ball one that came free with my compaq desktop pc (not sure if theres a modle number for it but i have a look later). Great response times just a lack of extra buttons for games like cod and battlefield 3.
I will add some pics to my profile today, with any more info i can find.

pics added to my profile,

details on bottom of mouse:-

hp pin 5188-8925 rev A.
hp s/n pmo737012455

hope this helps.
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