Nand-x issues =[..PLEASE HELP!!


Junior Member
Nov 20, 2010
Ok, so I get my nand-x fully installed I did the actual jtag part different because the quick solder board was burned so I use cool-shrimps jtag tool 2.12 dump my nand I install xell grab my cpu key install freeboot and when I turn my 360 on all it does is go back to xell and give me this [ame][/ame] so What should I do I was told that I should update to 7371 but I dont have my original nand dump anymore and I was told that Its not good That I dumped it into flash tool and it says that my 6BL [CF] and 7BL [CG] is 4532 So PLEASE!! any help will be very very very much appreciated thank you very much xecuter forums!!