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Mar 28, 2016
Hi guys,

Just used my nand-x programmer for the first time.
I soldered the boards and plugged in the cable.
I installed the drivers with driver signature enforcement and opened Jrunner in administrator mode.
I did read the nand files and compared it without having bad blocks.

After that..
I accidentally turned ON my xbox.
Since then, the console won't show up in jrunner or nandpro.

It says:
Version: 03
Flash Config: 0x00000000
Can not Continue
Tip: Load the nand on source to have quicker results.
No Xbox Detected

I rechecked the solderings. The cables programmer cables, the power cable and so on.
Restarted the computer with driver signature enforcement etc.

Is it ever possible to recover the DVD key again so I can use the console again?

The original DVD drive is broken. so that\s not a option.

I have a Jasper 16MB, its not jtaged or RGH'd.

Thanks for the help :)
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Mar 28, 2016
Please delete my post.

Its working again.

And I haven't done anything else to solve the issue.

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