Need Help Booting SX Nintendo Switch


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Aug 13, 2018
I Bought my switch in USA, last week, checked the serial number if was some of the new ones that are having trouble to hack. and it isnt.
HAC-001 and Serial XAW10085305280.

FM 5.1.0

I already bought a license to SX Os, got my joycon with wires to do the RCM, it worked well, i followed all the steps, after i put the switch in RCM Mode the software recognize it as RCM, but when i click to inject the payload, it is so fast and in PC seems like worked, no error. but my switch keep in black screen.
After that i need to hold the power button more than 10s to get it on again.

I Tried different ways, tried with the switch on and do the rcm mode in reboot, tried holding the vol+ when injecting, other sd card, tried with my friend switch, and it worked well, but not on mine..

I Do not have any idea what to try more, can someone help me please? :frown: