Need help re-modding xbox!!


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Feb 8, 2018

I've had my xbox since god knows and when it was bought my dad got some dude to install xecuter on it and I believe its a hard mod because there is some kinda of chip hanging out. When i booted the xbox it would do a blue intro and have the xecuter logo underneath.

Now... my little p***k of a cousin took it upon himself to use my xbox while i was at uni and now I've come back to a regular xbox :/

So I have a couple questions:

1. How to identify what version of xecuter I had?

2. If it is a hard mod, if i was to soft mod the xbox now would the disc drive still let me play copies of my games?

3. Is there anyway for me to get it back to its original state (modded) without having to spend a lot of money or opening it up?

4. Where can i find a compatible usb for a soft mod lol?

Hope you guys can help ?