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Nov 26, 2011
puerto rico
Hello my name is angel i have an xbox arcade and it was flash till i update it i really want to play games from an external harddrive and the only way i saw to do that is with xexmenu i thing im really noob with xbox things i would like to know how to jtag my xbox. would some one give me a full tutorial. the only thing i know is that my xbox have a falcon connection socket. thanks!!!!

edit: i searched allready but im so noobs with xbox things that i dont know how to start and i really want to doit my self i just dont know what to buy to jtag my xbox
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Ian H

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Feb 16, 2013
Hi, and welcome, unless you really want to do lots of reading and are good at soldering or very keen to learn I'd post up in the services required section, and ask for someone to rgh your xbox for you, also incude what dash your xbox is on. There are lots of guides in the in the rgh/jtag for noobs section below this one.


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Dec 22, 2010
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The forum is an extensive archive of questions and answers. We also have a very detailed guides & tutorials section that answer pretty much every question you could possible have. We find it very rude when members post questions that have been answered a hundred times before. It shows that they have not searched for the answer and are either lazy and want to be spoon fed, or that they have complete disregard for the very rules that you are reading right now.

If you can't find the answer then that's fine, simply state that you have already looked when making your post. We are here to help people, not only to give advice but to educate them on helping themselves.
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