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Sep 29, 2019
I am doing an rgh 1.2 using the jrunner v2 programmer and a matrix v1 glitch chip. I was able to read and dump the nand without errors twice. From there I finished my soldering and installation of the matrix glitch chip. I got tired and decided to call it a night. When I restarted jrunner I got a
J-Runner v0.6 Started

WARNING! - Your selected working directory already contains files!
You can view these files by using 'Show Working Folder' Button

I went ahead and created and wrote the EEC file, however when I boot the xbox it just goes to a regular dashboard. Im lost. When I click on the "show working folder button in jrunner it shows the following files: checksum.md5 md5 file 1 KB. Image_00000000.ecc ecc File 1,320KB. nanddump1.bin BIN File 67,584. nanddump2.bin BIN File 67,584. All of those are in a folder in my downloads when I click on the 'show working folder' in jrunner. how do I get all those numbers back into the jrunner? I need direction and help. Thank you.