New 6.2.0 Ban? OFW Restored Backup had online working up until update


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Nov 20, 2018
First of all, first post here, hi everyone!

This morning got a 6.2.0 update request and now I get: "This Nintendo account cannot be used at this time, this user can't use online features" when trying to access e-shop or add new Nintendo account.
Later inspection in settings' error history found code "2154-2005" that doesn't appear in Nintendo's error logs.
Technical support for Nintendo on the phone said to try reconnecting and disconnecting wifi, deleting it and adding it again, trying other internet connections etc. None worked. I'm now being told to send it in to check.

Summary of CFW:
Console was OFW 6.1.0.
Backed up all saves to cloud.
Restored factory settings. (This deleted all saved wifi APs)
Loaded SXOS boot.dat (2.0.1) to micro sd, used diy rcm jig and Tegra to boot into bootloader (later got NS-Atmosphere Injector).
Dumped NAND OFW 6.1.0 and generated license-request.dat
While getting license.dat on PC, emunand was created (all default settings)
Put license.dat in micro sd, boot into bootloader, check if emunand was enabled and booted into it.
Console never went back to OFW with CFW installed.
Console never went online on CFW (always no wifi and airplane mode with joycons enabled)
Only played .xci and .nsp backups, no homebrew, no messing around, only game backups.
Two days ago decided to go back to OFW so loaded SXOS bootloader and restored NAND from previously mentioned backup.
Online worked fine for this 2 last days.

Any solutions, further info about this error and why it happened. I'm pretty sure I did all the possible to avoid any "known" ban (I know CFW and no ban is impossible, but for what is known to cause ban, it was all avoided)


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Aug 6, 2018
Are you running 6.1.0 or 6.2.0? If you don't update to the latest FW that usually locks you out of eShop and other online features (i.e. Nintendo forcing an update). Though it usually says you need to update to use those features and not give some error code none of us has heard of. If you never went online w/ CFW it shouldn't be a ban - but more then likely you screwed up some how and did connect to Big N's server w/ CFW and got a ban. I'd contact Nintendo support via e-mail and see what they say.


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Aug 6, 2018
It's not about connecting from cfw. It's about connecting after using cfw and running games/homebrew. Priated games have blank certificates (FFs) and once that is logged on your console you better stay offline forever, or until you restore a nand dump from before the time this was done. The alternative is emunand... but this could also be detected by big N depending on what they do in the future.

The BEST SOLUTION would be a hardware dual-emmc mod. I have been pressing for development of this type of a solution, but there are only so many people and resources in TX and right now the focus seems to be mostly on emunand.
Yes if he actually ran pirated XCIs or NSPs on his sysNAND I would imagine that would be detected in the log or some how. I've never had any banning issues but I restore the NAND that is purely virgin, one made before I run pirated stuff. It's a pain as takes an hour every time.

I just installed emuNAND for the first time since it now supports SD. I am not even sure if it's booting in emuNAND or not, sometimes says disabled and sometimes says it is enabled. Until they fix it where you know 100% if it booted into emuNAND a bit risky for me. GW had a good emuNAND at least you knew when you booted into emuNAND. I know it's still beta but we need a simple button that says "boot in sysNAND or boot in EmuNAND" so we know. I'd THINK emuNAND on SD Card leaving sysNAND virgin would be the same as NAND restore. As I said to me the problem is you don't know which NAND you're booting into. I'll have to test it some more.

I don't know what a hardware dual-emmc mod would be? Now you're getting over my head lol, but TX has done a lot so perhaps that will come eventually.