New J-Runner v0.2 beta (Build 287)


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Dec 6, 2002
J-Runner, the greatest JTAG/RGH tool of them all has been updated to support Xecuter CR3 PRO RATER and the Xecuter DemoN BB 256/512 Upgrade.

Also updated the Xecuter SONUS 360 Editor (now with the ability to program your own custom sounds to Power On, Power Off, Eject and CoolRunner Glitch!)

Here's the full list of recent updates:

  • Added CR3 Pro Rater
  • Added support for J-R Programmer v2
  • Added support for LTU required files on "Extract files" function for use with JungleFlasher
  • Added BGA on Corona v4 size as acceptable
  • Added Write DGX button when nand requiring DGX is loaded
  • Added Alternate DGX for Corona
  • Added Corona_en files for DemoN
  • Added Xell Freeboot for Corona with Full HDMI support
  • Added ability to generate 16MB nand images from 256MB and 512MB dumps (For Demon BB)
  • Fixed Bug in write nand, removed need for delay setting writing to nand with JRP
  • Improved Sonus360 Custom editor Functionality
  • Fixed settings save error
  • Fixed inability to select Full Dump on BB consoles
  • Fixed SMC config bug
  • Altered available Dashes for direct download through J-Runner (Now limited - Dont go downloading more dash versions than you need! - Conserve the Bandwidth) You're now limited to number of dashes/time frame
  • Added DGX support
  • Added Sonus 360 Custom Sounds function
  • Added more default Limited Edition Xbox 360S Sounds (Default, COD4, GOW3, MW3, Halo Reach & Halo 4)
  • Added SMC Config Editor
  • Added Erase for Corona 4GB (F2 for an alternative erase method)
  • Added Custom XeBuild Command
  • Rewrote Functions for NAND-x/J-R Programmer
  • Changed way it saves settings
  • Added support for new ISD chip
  • Patch kv OSIG list updated
  • Patch kv Serial and Console ID added
  • Added rev option on Advanced XeBuild Options
  • Lots of various enhancements, bug fixes, optimizations
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Aug 8, 2012
Bristol UK
Just gets better and better. Thanks TX and everyone involved who make J-Runner the best.


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Aug 4, 2011
Michigan, United States
CoolRunner Glitch sounds intresting but with 1 and 2 glitch boot times with the cr3 pro the power on sound might over lap :)

does this require external wiring or is it done over the bus

is there a possibility to add sound on nand select also ?

The sound only plays once, how many cycles it takes doesn't matter. The only extra wiring possibly needed is the upgraded speaker if your console has the small buzzer in it.

Great work as always TX, thank you for all the amazing updates!