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Feb 24, 2003
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To help combat the stress of new users completely ignoring forum rules and refusing to read instructions and guides we have setup a new section dedicated to Noobs & Beginners.

If you are a new member or have 25 posts or less you can only post in the Noobs & Beginners forum. There are 2 sub sections, Firmware and RGH/JTAG.

You are asked to read the forum rules and look for the guide or instructions that will answer your question first. If you cant find those then you are free to ask your question without fear of being flamed or sh*t on by a disgruntled user or staff member (They tend to bite when you ignore all the rules and are too lazy to read the info we work hard to put together).

How does this help us ?

It stops the forums becoming bogged down with repetitive posts asking really stupid questions that have been answered over and over and over again.

How does this help you ?

It educates you on how to use support forums correctly without fear of being flamed. It also gives you a chance to better yourself and become a productive member of the forums gaining valuable knowledge.

What if I don't want to read the rules or am too lazy to read instructions and don't want to waste time researching or doing things the right way ?

You are free to f**k off elsewhere :)


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May 25, 2011
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Especially like that last sentence.
We were all noobs once, however reading and asking the right questions and giving the right information has help build this forum so lets learn by our mistakes and make it even better..


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Sep 12, 2012
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I would like to personally apologize, i asked really basic questions when i got here, i and all it took was the search bar to find the answers :)


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Feb 22, 2018
Hi everyone. I have been trying to jump in to the game here. I have been looking for 0800 firmware to flash to my drive in hopes that xbc will recognize my liteon phat drive but no dice. I have x360 usb pro v2., jungleflasher, imgburn and xbc. I flashed the key and installed xk3y on a phat xbox successfully and now would like to rip my games to an iso image. There are so many false, broken and otherwise virus filled links to these programs. I'm glad I got all of this stuff to work with the exception of xbc. Thanks for reading and taking your time to reply.


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Sep 4, 2018
hello to everyone im new on this forum and i need help, please, i have a fat xbox 360 with Philips&LiteOn drive that i want to flash but i cannot find JungleFlasher to download every link is broken (google) does anyone have a working link so i can download it??


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Sep 11, 2018
hi all, I just bought an NS and the serial number allows use of SX OS. (Note: I have not used SX OS on the NS yet.)

The NS is currently OFW ver 4.1.0 - Is it advisable to update the NS OFW to v5?
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Sep 23, 2018
Running 1.9 version here. NSP files aren't being properly deleted after instalation from my SD card. I press "X" to delete them and they vanish from the list at first. But if I go back to Switch home screen and return to the album, there they are. The only way to really delete them seems to enter mount usb mode or eject the SD from Switch and manually do the procedure in my computer. What can be happening? Thanks!


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Oct 17, 2018
I'm having trouble with SX OS seeing my nsp files. I’ve tried reformatting the SD card, I’ve made sure to uncheck the archive flag from the files and folders, and I’ve tried moving all the files to subfolders, /switch, and root. I’ve tried other SD cards, I’ve tried Fat32 format, and nothing seems to be able to make homebrew recognize the fact that I have files on my SD card. All my folders were created on Windows 10, my NAND is 2.0, my emunand (which is what I’m referring to) is 6.0.1 with exFat support, homebrew is 2.0 and I’m using SX OS 2.2 beta.
Any suggestions?