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Oct 31, 2019
HI, i discovered SX pro 2 months ago and just had to have it. I got it a month later and love it to bits. Thank you TX team for this amazing product.

I have a noob question.
I have xci files with update & dlc files in nsp. Every time i remove my sd card or reboot the switch, the switch expects me to install the update and dlc file to the xci. the xci shows the latest version on the main screen (when i press +) but will not launch, asking me to get off airplane mode so it can check for latest updates. I then go to Installer to install the update and dlc everytime, after which the game works fine. I tried installing nsp files to sd storage and system storage, but i still need to install nsps after every reboot. I read elsewhere that i should boot into emunand to have the nsp installs permanent. I boot into CFW every time and do not have an emunand setup.

Is the solution to this issue that i create an emunand? My ofw is 9.0.1, sx ox 2.9.2, installer 3.0