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Jul 29, 2020
Hello: Arcades here. I got a retail jasper xBox 360 Mfg date 11-14-2008, at a garage sale, complete with a steering wheel and 15 games. The Dashboard is 17559, which is the latest, I think. I am an Electronics Engineer. This game works great as a retail. I have heard that it can be hacked and much more can be done with it. I have researched the web and found a lot of details. However it is difficult to put it all together to be confident about what to do in order to hack it and what to do after a successful hack. There are many buzz words and terms that are unique to this 'hobby'. The hack has many details that have changed over the years and it is hard to tell what info is out of date. Is this a good forum to get information? I watched a good video on youtube by DrMario "How to RGH 1.2 a xBox 360 (Phat)" dated Aug 26, 2017. MY understanding is this: I need a JR programmer V2 and J-Runner software with the files for Dash 17559. (don't know where to get it) and a Coolrunner rev C all with the proper cables. Is this correct???? Please help.