Nintendo Switch error code 2168-0002


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May 13, 2019
Hello, i have an issue when i turn on the Nintendo Switch, after see the nintendo logo and the nintendo switch logo, the screen shows me the error 2168-0002, i just updated my console to the 8.01 firmware and the sxos firmware to the 2.7.1 beta. The Switch works fine if i turn on with the original firmware so, what can i do to solve that problem?


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May 14, 2019
São Paulo, Brasil
Hey Man, same here. This was the first time ever I tried to use a CFw and everytime I try I get the same error. I am about to download the sxos 2.7 to try it. I let you know if it worked for me.


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Nov 26, 2007
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How did you update your console, officially through Nintendo or using ChoijudourNX? Also what is your SD formatted?

99% of the time issues come from SD corruption. So formatting your SD will fix it. Just make sure to back up your license file. Sometimes is as simple as just re-downloading the boot.dat file again from the website.


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Dec 4, 2019
new york
Hey I recently picked my switch back up after months and tried updating my firmware to 9.0.1 via choidujoirnx and I now get the same error code: 2168-0002 I did have custom themes but I deleted the theme folder any other thoughts? the boot.dat from 2.9.2 worked just fine I only got the error after updating with choidujoirnx