X360USB PRO No Drive Detected

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Mar 16, 2011
Milton Keynes.UK
Hi guys,
My mate has just bought an X360USB v2 and set it up on his laptop ( his lappy is running Windows 8.1 O/S )
When he connected everything up,he connected 1x of his Lite-On drives which he wants to "Firmware Flash".
He switched the 360USB Pro On and launched JungleFlasher,His USB Pro is detected in J/F no problem BUT the first time he set the kit up,his Lite-On drive disapeared from J/F and now won't detect at all.
I've asked him to try reinstalling the USB Pro drivers again and to let me know if this has sorted his problem out,so just waiting for him to ring me back.
But why would his Lite-On drive first appear in J/F like it should do,then just dissapear all of a sudden ?
Anyone have any ideas at all ?
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