Noob Question, but SX OS Pro-Related


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Dec 19, 2018
Having just recently joined the Forum Community, I was informed via email that being a noob, I could only post in the Noob section. After looking through the available choices, this sub-forum seemed to be the only Noob-specific one. I have some questions on SX OS Pro functionality. I was one of those unfortunate souls who first set-up their SX OS Pro on the same day Ninentdo released their OFW 6.2.0. Thanks to Team Executer and their 2.4.1 beta release, I am now back on track. But before going too far, I wanted to inquire about some basic functionality:
- When booting into CFW, will turning off the Switch completely place me back on OFW, or do I have to go back to the main CFW screen, and select 'Boot OFW'? (after shutting down the system, I always remove the SD card)
- After playing my 1st XCI file, and going back to OFW (which is hopefully accomplished by shutting off the Switch completely) and removing the SD Card, I noticed the XCI game icon was still present, and the Save data was residing on the Switch internal memory. Is this the default behavior (e.g., I was assuming everything would be resident on the SD Card, so when I remove the SD Card, I was expecting the XCI game icon to be gone, and the Save Data to be resident on the SD Card)?
- If I am in OFW (with the SD Card removed), and I try to do a game update for the XCI I just played, is this a bad thing (e.g., I will get banned)? If it is a bad thing, then is the only option to search for NSP update files, and try to install them through SX OS?
- I have conducted a NAND dump on the OFW 6.2.0. Is there any benefit in keeping the NAND on the SD Card, or is it just taking up space?
- I am planning to conduct an EmuNAND dump via the SX OS software. I see that doing so will re-format my SD Card, and backing up the data is required. After getting the EmuNAND dump, can I just place the back-up data on the SD Card, or do I need to 're-apply' for the SX OS license the way it is mentioned on pages 6-7 of the SX OS V1.3 User's Manual?
- When using SX OS, I make sure I am in 'Airplane Mode', and when I am in OFW mode, I always remove the SD CArd. Is there anything else I should be doing?

My apologies if these questions border on the idiotic, but I couldn't seem to locate the 'SX OS Pro for Idiots' thread. And since I feel I have 'one foot in the grave' by doing the OFW 6.2.0 update, I just wanted to proceed in a more thorough fashion.

Thanks to anyone in advance who can provide myself some insight