Overheat trigger after 15 seconds of live time


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Jan 26, 2011
Some facts:
- 1.4 XBOX
- Xecuter 2.6CE
- Wire install

After I installed this modchip it worked proper for about half an hour (had it idling in flashbios while finding a proper BIOS to flash) and then it just crashed and burned. The fan started running full speed and the LED flashed ORANGE (which I presume means overheating).

So then I had to pull the plug and tried again and it immediately flashed orange again and fan full speed after turning off and on again twice by itself. I waited a while (15 minutes) and then tried again, it worked again! (yay!) but (oh no!) after 15 seconds it went to orange flashing again.
Same stuff if I try again immediately it stays flashing orange (after two reboots) and if I wait (with the xbox off) it will work again for a short while.
Same thing happens when I turn the chip off and it boots into msdash, works proper for a short while and then overheats again (at least, it thinks it does..)

Today I changed the cooling paste on both processors (cooked dry) with arctic silver 5 but the problem persists.

So my question, does anybody have any idea what is going on with my big black and green dinosaur?

The soldering job seems proper and all traces look intact and the D0 grounds properly when the switch is on and doesn't ground when off.
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