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Dec 17, 2018
Im having problems with sx os cheat engine. I found some dragons dogma cheats. Once i turn on teh game and look for the cheats im getting this error;
There was an error parsing the cheats file for this game!
Please check the format of the file and make sure it's correct."

What does this mean? When i played other games such as Just dance, there was no problem.
i been looking around and theres not really an answer. Maybe someone could help me out here.

EDIT: i fixed the problem. I deleted the title folder and ran the game. It should say there is no cheat codes. Then you put the codes then and reboot the system and it should pop up again.
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May 15, 2019
Hi xxparadis3xx, I have this parsing problem exactly as you describe. and I have also tried everything I can think of including what you did to fix it. Can you describe your steps in the (EDIT) with more detail I must have missed something? Thank you in advance I would love some cheats for this game.

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