Performance Issues on SX 2.9.4 Beta


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Mar 26, 2020
Hi folks,

recently I have bought a used Switch from 2018 and FW 9.2.0 was allready installed on it. I have bought a license for SX and installed it on my SanDisk Ultra 128GB in FAT32. Made an EmuNand hidden partition and startet to install all my XCI and NSP Files from an ExFAT USB Stick. Works fine but I noticed, not everytime, that the console has performance issues. Games are showing a message (Game will be prepared..) when starting as well as If I close a game there is also a message that the game is closing and this can take a few seconds. Also loading times within the game are slower then normal. i have This issue not in general, sometimes it’s working flawlessly, but I cannot reproduce when. First thought it could be a problem with temperature but today I startet my switch it was slowler immediately.
should I format the SD Card and reinstall everything or could it be an issue with emunand? I will only play offline, is emunand useful in that case?