LITEON 93450 Phat LiteON update to LT 3.0

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Nov 27, 2010
Hi all

I have a 2009 Phat Jasper 360. I had my console flashed by a modder around October 2010 and didn't know a thing about modding at that time, so I do not have my DVD key and my OFW dump. He said he was flashing the latest firmware available at that time, so I'm pretty sure I have a LT 1.1 (or LT1.0)

I am sure I have a LiteON but don't know the revision yet as I have not opened my 360 - wanted to open and flash it at one go -- but im pretty sure its a 93450C -- i looked it up on

I am on 2.0.9199.0 dash (old I know, that's because I play Pro Evolution 11 on it 90% of the time and never felt the need to update - also because I was not too confident of doing it till the no-solder solution for LiteOn came out) now the itch to update to the latest version has struck me as FIFA 12 and PES 12 won't work on my console anymore I guess.

I ordered and recieved my X360USB PRO Megabundle from and I just wanted to double check if I am going to do this correctly:

In Ubergeek's tutorial it is written that always revert back to stock firmware before updating. I do not have my OFW dump -- is it possible that I can use This Guide till Step 5 to save Dummy.bin to extract my DVD key,

then update to the latest metro dash via USB -- from what I have read here, when we update to the latest metro dash, it automatically flashes the DVD drive to the new 02510C -- thus overwriting the LT firmware and reverting the drive back to stock -- is this enough to follow Ubergeek's advice of reverting back to stock?

a nweb question, but just wanted to make sure - if I follow this method up till now, will I only need the Dummy.bin file? No need for OFW file since the drive has updated back to stock?

and then finally use this guide to flash to LT 3.0

Will following this route result in a successful flash to LT3.0? Please share your thoughts!


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Feb 24, 2003
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Get an x360usb pro and a probe 3

Dump your firmware and flash. Easy.

You have to flash to stock first, then update, then flash to lt3

The instructions tell you everything makes no difference if your drive is stock or pre flashed.
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