XGD3 PI/PIF good but an error occurred

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Nov 8, 2013
Hi you all!
So far I have solved all my problems on my 360 by searching in this forum, but now I have another issue and it seems I cannot find the solution anywhere. I'm sure you can help me! :D

I wrote an XGD3 and I got good PI/PIF average and maximum values BUT everytime I write a new disk KProbe gives me an error so my 360 doesn't let the disk run, I cannot find out why.
This is the result of the KProbe test:


I'm using the following IMGBurn settings:

- Write Tab (Page 1):
Write Type: DAO/SAO
OPC: Yes
Burn-proof: No

- I/O Tab (Page 1):
Interface: ElbyCDIO - Elaborate Bytes
- I/O Tab (Page 2):
Buffer: 80MiB

Thanks a lot to anyone who will help me!
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