Playing OFW online having emuNAND SXOS


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Aug 5, 2020
Hello there,

I have SXOS, but im quite new, and don't really know that much about this either, i really just know how to install games, and almost anything else.

I move with my girlfriend really soon, and she wants to play Animal Crossing, but I have my switch with SX OS inside a microSD card, and piracy and Nintendo don't mix that well, and i dont want my console to get banned even tho I do not really care about online playing on it.

I'm guessing i have emulated SXOS inside it just because when booting the system i can pick to launch either CFW and OFW, and they seem to be separated.

Am I facing a serious risk of getting banned if I switch off my console, then booting up original firmware without using the dongle (as a normal user would do), and using it as a clean console?

If it is okay to do this, what do i have to keep in mind to do it as safe as possible?

Thanks in advance, have a nice day!


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Jul 17, 2019
New Zealand
Check this out



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Sep 18, 2020
Hello and good day.
First sorry for bad english, I m from germany ^^
I hope my question is on the right place here.
I use sx os and I m really happy with it.
My question is:
Is it possible to install games via sx installer and play them on OFW to use online features?

Thank you.