Please Create Option to Auto Eject Gamecard on 2.2.1 BETA - Handheld


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Oct 31, 2018
A new feature in 2.2.1 BETA is to auto eject gamecard when USB is disconnected.

This is a problem in handheld mode. When the switch goes to sleep in handheld, it cuts the power to the usb port, thereby "disconnecting" the drive. When the Switch wakes up again from sleep, you can't resume your game because the console says the gamecard was removed. Please fix this, or at least create a toggle to enable/disable the feature.

This was not an issue on 2.2 Beta, but now is on 2.2.1


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Feb 17, 2019
This is just exactly what happens to me, im using a usb flash memory to play XCIs on handheld, but i cannot resume games because when switch enters sleep mode disconnecta de usb and ejects the game, i tought this was fixed? is there a way to disable this so i can resume play from sleep mode??
this is an old post, but im talking about the current firmware, still disconnects usb when sleep mode, and you cant resume play,