JUNGLE FLASHER Please help me...please.. *VERY confused*


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Dec 25, 2012
I am blown away by this drive I have so many problems with it. it's not funny on how mad i am with it, I am new to this stuff by I can become experienced really fast usually, but this drive is a complete BALL BUSTER.

anyway back to my problem, I connected it everything was fine, the drive key was there, the name: thing was there everything was fine. a couple of minutes later i shut down the xbox to put it at a safer place, I tured it back on and now it shows in this exact form:
Vendor: ST500DM002- 1
F/W Rev: KC43
Reserved: Z2AA5RZE
DVD Key:

I honestly don't know what's going on, all the options are now locked so I can't press any option, it has never been flashed before, I don't know how the dvd key and name tags are gone, please tell me what's going on and lead me in the right direction. :confused:

Thank you to whoever helps :)
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Nov 6, 2011
Salem, Oregon
Sounds like you have not selected the correct port. refresh or click on the drop down in the I/O port and choose the correct one.
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