Please improve the RAM editor


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Aug 28, 2018
1. Could we edit value in RAM editor per digit, instead of per byte? Change a byte from 00 to 80 requires pressing 128 times, it's just a nightmare.

2. A feature to lock 1/2/4/8 bytes in RAM editor, and add to cheat instantly, instead of manually input the code.

3. The address in RAM editor is not memorized, most times the values I need to change is always in the same section, for example, I have to manually input HEAP+0xA2BD2000 every time when playing DS Remastered. It'll be convinient if the address could be automatically saved for each TitleID/BuildID.

4. Could we have a debug log for the cheat codes? For example, a "F0000000" code to activate/deactivate log, for debugging huge cheat code blocks. In fact I wrote a code with hacker guide and it doesn't work, I double checked and still don't know what I'm doing wrong: