R-JTAG Point on the Motherboard under JTAG QSB pulled off


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Feb 16, 2010
Hi there,

I got an xbox360 (Jasper 16MB) from a friend off mine which has the point (with the red circle) loose, the pad is gone, trace is intact.
He was trying to cut off the edge from the jtag qsb connected to r2p12, and pulled too hard on the qsb so the point (with the red circle) was pulled off:facepalm:.
My question is, do I need to repair the point? Or is it an end point and not a through hole one?
Or scrape the trace and connect with a wire, or can I just solder a wire from the alternate point FT1U2 or DB1F1 to the QSB?
And are there other alternate points to solder the wire to?
Thanks in advance.


Image of the actual damage, with the red circle. So you see what happened:
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Nov 5, 2014
Michigan, U.S.A
Ouch, if it were me I would attempt to expose the trace a little and solder a small piece of Kynar to it then to the QSB. If not you should be able to wire to alt points DB1F1 or FT1U2 directly off the diode. Good luck!