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Jul 8, 2005
South Australia
Well I have meaning to post these pictures here for years and now I can't find where you post your case mods but i guess it all worked so here is good as any other place. I built it out of a lot of premanufactured parts which I had to change here and there for my own ideas to work.
Here is a list of items that were used from memory:
Xbox of course
X3 with front blue LCD panel
XCM blue case
Xtender 2
2 320 gig hds
2 relays
Xbox DVD dongle
Xerc IR mod, I made this before the xecuter one was available
Logitech Wireless controller
Thermaltake thermal controlled fan

First of I had to insultaed one of the contoller hubs so i could switch between the the controllers that i was installing into the system and still make use of the ports in front. There is a guide at xbox-scene about using relays that explains the concept better than I could.
View attachment 1781

I had the Xtender front panal machined to allow for the controller memory ports and for some indication leds for the controllers and ir mod.
View attachment 1782

I made use of the hard drive bay to house the DVD dongle, relays and wireless controller. The DVD dongle was hooked up my xerc so I could just make use of just on IR receiver which was placed in the Xecuter lcd panel.
View attachment 1783

Okay hooking everything up was rather rewarding after pulling everthing apart and putting it together again was really time consuming. The system only make use of two of the Xtender swithches as one was disable to make use of the led for the wireless controller connection button. I don't have any pictures of my xerc installed but it is in there somewhere, swaped the fan with the Thermal Take one and set it on auto thermal control. In the summer you can really hear it working while playing games and while using the system as a media centre it is so quiet.
View attachment 1784

And here it is the system is working and running like it should. As you may notice i changed the leds in the Xtender cause I wanted them to correnspond to different drives. I would of liked to post more pictures but I think there is a limit plus my camera skills are shocking. After five years i still use it everyday without a single problem I honestly can't wait until i get to do something even better with a 360. The orange thing below is my PS2 which unfortunatly could never be as heavily modified as an xbox.
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May 31, 2010

I have been softmodding using xboxhdm using the swap trick. I thought this was a lame way to get into my consoles to get them started. Plus I wanted to experience the power of Xecuter 3 chip on all versions of XBOX Dinasaurs. There is almost no support for them, the games are truly becomming vintage obsolete. I failed installing headers on the LPC expansion ports about 6 times using cheap 15W Soldering Iron from Radio Shack.

I finally decided to buy a real top of the line equipment for my projects as they progressed, my research and budget met up with MADELL Electronic Equipment.

I purchased a MADELL ML-859D Desoldering Unit. It has very little vacuum pressure, the digital LCD Display reads 99% I guess I can not increase its vacuum pressue?

Also bought a MADELL 8502 SMD Rework Station. You are able to set the temperature on this baby. When I could afford the digital version of a Madell Unit, I will be saving for it. I am very pleased with this 8502 analog one.

Radio shack offers Rosin Soldering Flux, SMT Bearing Silver/Tin/Lead 0.015 solder, it is recommnended. If you get around Frys Electronics Super Store, you could just get the 1/2 pound 23 Gauge 0.025 Solder by MG Chemicals, pink and white label on it, MG Chemicals written in Bold Black.

Anyways, you will need to read Youtube "How and Why to Solder Correctly" this is a school based lesson, which covers the main idea and precautions to advise from. I read many of the same topic to see if there are any differences, I think this one is the best for you to learn from.

You will need something to clear off the rosin flux you got from radio shack. I seen Flux pens at Frys Electronics Super Store but have not tried. There are some alcohol based cleaning solutions, but have not bought them yet, so I just use the basic listerine damped napkin method to clean the xbox PCB fluxed surface.

Just cover the soldering point using a ear cue tip with ROSIN Solder Flux. cover all the area of soldering point. See (youtube video "How and why to solder correctly"). Using your soldering iron, it needs to be hot enough for the solder to fall down to solder point.

You will need a MADELL Magnafying Glass. THey are fairly under $100.00 and it is necessary to magnify your header pins soldering area, while soldering each solder point at a time, covered with flux. Look at the Xbox PCB LPC Holes,
that your pins have the solder spread while melting to the outermost part of the metalic-conductive ring. You will be able to see through your magnify glass with built in light that it is melting along with the rosin solder flux. At this point it the rosin flux is basically covering the entire solder, causing it to spread out covering the conductive ring in the LPC Header Holes. Others may tell you not to use too much flux because it is messy, and its not too easy to clean, and other health issues, just wash hands with soap, immediately after you are done. Clean all remaining mess it made in your work area.

After that the Headers are the hardest part to solder, but with the equipment covered above, it can be made very simple, with the patience and time to do the job and get it done correctly.

Finally, It does not take much but common sense and downloading the X3_XXXX. bios file for your X3 Modded Console. Upload it with your Network and PC off the HTTP and it will flash it for you. I read the instructions, and It said to have the switches to ON-ON-OFF-OFF-OFF. Protection enabled-off, on your X3-PCB Chip. Used a new 250 GB Hitachi IDE Hard drive, and formatted after flashing the X3 Chip. Auto-Installer Deluxe v4.40 did the rest for me MOD-Chip"One Click" Install with XBMC Dashboard.

This was How I got it to successfully work. I FTP'd my files with CoreFTP LE free-version.

take care!

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