LITEON 93450 Probe 2 Issue


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Sep 30, 2010
Houston, TX

I am trying to flash my liteon 93450, I keep getting device intro failed, and when i push down on the trigger thing, my light stays green. My issue is that when i take the probe off the board then the probe will turn red.

I am going to attach a picture of my cuts, and i have a multimeter handy. When i test the two holes on the top, what should the multimeter say. I will also attach a picture of my multimeter. Thanks in Advance guys.. :)



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Mar 7, 2010
v cut is off a little bit, but should not be a problem. Should get no reading on the multimeter when you probe the pin 101 to either sides of the cuts.


Mar 22, 2010
Longisland , New York
You might have cut the lower trace under the v cut and the v cut is supposed to isolate the pad but u cut the trace meaning u need to solder a jumper wire.

Damn Marsha u got me again. But I found stuff u ddnt notice

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Feb 24, 2003
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Is there a way i can fix whatever i did? I don't know how to solder...
So you hacked away at your pcb like a butcher then you say you don't know how to solder?

I think it's best you just stopped right now and give this to someone who knows what they are doing before you cause any further damage.
Feb 28, 2011
united kingdom
My whole problem is doing the cuts, ill send this xbox back to microsoft a restart :)
your problem doesn't just lie with your cuts if you read the tut before hand you would have known they need repaired after getting your key using a soldering iron or Conductive glue/paste but if you have just done it i cant help wondering why you didn't get a probe 3 those cuts will repair easy then just get a probe 3 and get your key using probe 3