Probe 3 Light Turning Off


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Nov 30, 2011
United Kingdom
I am going to flash my first Liteon drive tomorow so thought I would check if my Probe 3 was working, the light goes on the probe but it stays on even when pressing the probe power switch.
Would I still be able to use it like this if I turn the power off on my CK3i instead of using the probe button for key retrieval?
I seen the other post with a similar problem but didnt want to hijack :rolleyes2:.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated as I dont want to break any drives :eek2:.

Edit: seems this has already been answered on another thread, I had the switch end of the cable on the CK3i side instead of the drive side, tried it again and it is working fine :facepalm:
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Jun 12, 2011
Plug the ck3 probe with the cable-side towards the disk drive.


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Oct 11, 2012
Sorry to grave dig, but I'm having the same issue tried cables both ways round to make sure and still led stays on any other alternatives to doing this?

EDIT: one pin was bent touching the other therefor bypassing the switch un-bent it and fixed though
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Mar 16, 2011
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your going to have to split the heat shrink tubing around where the "Button" is to check if there's no loose or broken wires or bent pins touching another pin.
I had the problem that my Probe 3 green light on the spear,wouldn't light up,even though my drive was detected in J-Flasher,so i knew my CK3i was fully working and my probe was semi working.
When i spliced open the heat shrink around the "Button" i noticed a wire had broken off 1x of the pins,resoldered it back,put insulating tape around the wires and it's worked perfect ever since.