ANSWERED Probe will not light green on MPX01

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Jul 12, 2009
I have a liteon DG-16D2S 74850C. I am trying to read the keys off it before I flash it. I have a Ck3 with a probe. Its hooked up through my VT6421 Raid controller which i use to flash my other xboxes. I havent done a liteon for some time now. last time i did one you had to touch the R707 with the probe. however the xbox I have is a phat from 2007 never been opened. I follow the instruction in JF to a tee but it keeps saying Phatkey failed and my probe will not light green when i touch the MPX01. Do i need to scrape on that point?


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May 30, 2011
Pittsburgh, PA
what firmware is the lite-on drive? is it still 74850c or is it updated to 02510c

if the firmware is still 74850c you will have to use r707 to extract key or update to 02510c and use mpx01 to get key
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