LITEON 9504 problem flashing lite-on 9504 back to stock


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Mar 30, 2011
ok so for starters, im using the ck3 po rev d and my desktop computer.

so basically i accidentally erased my firmware off my drive. using the ck3 pro i managed to get the drive into vendor mode. i load my dummy.bin as the source(making sure i say no to auto load), and the ofw.bin as the target.then i click spoof to target. i click lite-on erase, then write. i get an error saying unknown flash type. any ideas what im doing wrong? will post jungle flasher log also.


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Mar 30, 2011
my log


JungleFlasher 0.1.84 Beta (250)

Session Started Fri Jul 01 14:21:27 2011

This is a 32 bit process running on a 32 bit CPU 

portio32.sys Driver Installed 

portio32.sys Driver Started, thanks Schtrom ! 

Found 10 I/O Ports.

Found 0 Com Ports.

Found 3 windows drives A: C: D:

Found 0 CD/DVD drives

Sending Vendor Intro to port 0x0970

Serial flash found with Status 0x72

Sending Device ID request to port 0x0970

Spi Status: 0x0

Manufacturer ID: 0xEF

Device ID: 0x11

Flash Name:  Winbond/NEX(W25P20/NX25P20)

Flash Size:  262144 bytes

Loading firmware file C:\Users\windows\Desktop\Dummy.bin

MD5 hash:  10ab96d0da3ffbdd31a8f754b1116adc

Inquiry string found

Identify string found

Drive key @ 0xA030 60D1887672E510D34DFF8C7E3C2FEE42

Firmware Osig: [PLDS    DG-16D4S        9504]

Firmware is:  SlimKey Extract                 

Loading firmware file C:\Users\windows\Desktop\OFW.bin

MD5 hash:  bb4ad38d3b49bf38c41e14a57a8a61d3

Drive key @ n/a 77777777777777777777777777777777

Firmware Osig: [PLDS    DG-16D4S        9504]

Firmware is:  Stock                           

Spoofing Target

DVD Key copied to target

Key Sector copied from Source to Target

Target is LT - ID strings not copied to Target

Sending Lite-On-Erase request to port 0x0970


Drive returned Status 0x72

Manufacturer ID: 0x0

Device ID: 0x0

Flash Name:  Unknown type

Flash Size:  n/a

Unknown flash type Write aborted !


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Mar 30, 2011
incase this matters, i have to send my drive into vendor mode before i click lite-on erase because if i try to power cycle into vendor mode, it freezes my pc