Problem installing nsp file


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Jul 26, 2018
Hi i have just signed up to report this
i have just tried to install NBA Playgrounds - Enhanced Edition [0100f5a008126000][v0] with the built in nsp installer in SXOS 1.4
i get failed instantly
i then renamed the file to NBA [0100f5a008126000][v0] in case the file name was two long but it still got the failed message as soon as i pressed install
i then tried the dev menu and the game installed and plays with out a problem

was not sure how to report this to team xecuter thats why i started this thread
sorry if this has all ready been reported.


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May 2, 2010
yes, that is not the only game that can't be install with the built-in nsp installer, if it fails then use devmenu to install
hope, it will be fixed in the next update
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