Problem with the ihas 124 B and the ihas 524 C


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Nov 23, 2013
I have a laptop
and long time ago I bought the ihas 124 B, it was flashed for the new games and it worked ok
Suddenly stopped working. I had it connected thru SATA to USB cables but I had a lot of problems with the laptop recognizing the drive. Sometimes it would recognize it and then it will be unavailable all on it's own. Sometimes in the middle of a burn
So I bought a new SATA to eSATA cable and this did not help either.
I thought it was the drive so I bought a lite-on ihas 524 C but I'm having no luck
Drive shows on device manager and as a drive letter but, payload burnermax tool won't load on it.
Drive door does not open with the SATA to eSata cable
So I'm having a lot of problems, do I need different cables or what is the deal?