Problems updating Original FW (SX Lite w/ EmuNand)


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Aug 15, 2020

Today I booted into SysNand after a good while and of course it prompted for a System Update. Since I wanted to play online I accepted. It told me it was going to reboot, but after that the unit turned off and nothing happened.
EmuNand still boots fine and I can access the SX Menu by turning it on holding Vol+, but when I select "boot original FW" it just... Turns off? Screen doesn't light up and I actually have to hold down the power button a few times for it to turn on again.

I hope I didn't screw up, but I do have a Nand backup


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Jul 7, 2010
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You should still be able to use the "Genuine Boot" option to access OFW for now.

There is an SX OS update coming soon for 10.2.0.